hoard no more

Get rid of excess clothing clutter while donating to charity.

Doesn’t it feel super amazing when you get rid of excess clutter? It feels even better when some of that unused clutter turns into someone else’s treasure, and we find our next little black dress or new favorite pair of slightly distressed designer jeans. AND we get like umpteen thousand karma points because GUESS WHAT?

All leftovers are donated to CHARITY 🙂

just give it away

Clean your space while refreshing your wardrobe!

Your mind and body will follow and your closet will thank you.

We host New England local swap social events where we gather, libate and give away our used clothing, shoes and accessories that we really just don’t need in our closets anymore. Any piece of clothing that is not snagged up at a swap gets donated to a local charity, to be determined prior to the swap. If you would like to be that charity, please contact us. Heck, if you would like to get involved and help us throw a local SwapDrobe, please contact us and we’ll get your swap off the ground!

 host a swap

What moves you? If you’re hosting a swap and have an event page, please submit a request and who knows? We may just include you on our calendar.

venues wanted

We have tons of interested parties… we just need some awesome venues to support our endeavors. Please Contact Us (below) if you own or manage a venue and you’re interested in hosting a swap!

swap items

What should you bring to the swap? Please bring gently used professional and casual wear including shirts, blouses, sweaters, blazers, pants, shorts, skirts, scarves, jewelry, belts, hats, shoes.. clothes and clothing accessories!


First, start out with a positive mentality. The more fun and good energy you put into preparing yourself for a #swapdrobe event will assure  that you’ll have a fantastic time getting social, enjoying libations and sharing your slightly used but clean, unwanted garments.

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The more we can provide for each other locally, the better and faster we may advance to true sustainability.